34 Days

Welcome to McKendree Debates 2012!

My name is Amanda Walker and I am a junior International Relations major at McKendree University.  I am also a member of McKendree’s excellent Debate and Speech team.  I will be following the upcoming debates and sharing my analysis of them here.  Check back here for an update after every debate (and maybe some updates on McKendree’s own debaters).

As the race for the White House enters its final month, both campaigns are digging in and gearing up for a final push.  An important part of this final stretch are the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.  These debates offer a chance for voters to directly compare the candidates and their policies.  The purpose of this blog is to objectively analyze these debates.  What sort of strategies do the candidates use? How do they present themselves and their ideas? What were the key arguments each candidate made (or needed to make)? And since this is America, who won?

The first debate takes place Wednesday 10/03 at 9:00 PM ET (8:00 PM CT).  The topic is domestic policy.  The debate will be aired on all major networks (FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, CNBC, and FOX NEWS).

If you’re like me and can’t wait, here is a helpful guide to the first debate.

Happy viewing!


2 responses to “34 Days

  1. Amanda, cant wait to read your blog!

  2. This blog is a great idea! The old saying is that we should not talk about sex, politics, or religion in polite company. Personally, I say, “What else is there to talk about?!” Well, yes, I know–science, mathematics. Gossip about ourselves or our neighbors. As an English professor, personally I prefer literature, music, art. But much of the humanities IS about sex, politics, or religion! (Go figure.)

    At any rate, a couple of things:

    1. I appreciated that someone posted the League of Women Voters’ guide to the debate. I ran off some copies and used them with my class last night at Scott AFB. We were just beginning the last unit of the class, a unit on argumentation. So . . . how convenient! We could watch the debate last night in class!

    2. We watched the ABC-Yahoo venue for the debate. On our screen, the President’s hair looked VERY gray, and he looked VERY tired–bags under his eyes, lines around his mouth, etc. But when I got home later last night, I tuned in to FOX news to hear the afterward discussion. The difference in the “look” was amazing! The colors were altogether sharper and crisper on FOX. The President’s hair color was darker, and his face was less fatigued-looking. I can’t explain it. I just wonder if it might have made some difference in the way the audience responded to the President?

    Remember that, in the 1960 debate between Kennedy and Nixon, those who listened on radio thought that Nixon had won. But those who watched on TV thought that Kennedy had won, many said because Kennedy simply LOOKED better than Nixon, who had been sick in previous days.

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